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Jonathan Yates
Will Atlas Pipeline Partners Keep Rising as Analysts Project?

Up almost 30% for 2013, Atlas Pipeline Partners (NYSE: APL) was recently recommended by Barclays with a target price of $43, about 10% higher than the present share price.  Since the recommendation in early May, Atlas Pipeline Partners is up more than 10%.  With a dividend yield of more than 6%, there is definitely downside protection if the share price should fall.

As the chart below shows, it has been a rewarding period for the shareholders of Altas Pipeline Partners since last December.  The stock has jumped about 25%.  During that period, it has received three positive analyst recommendations.

Even with the huge surge in share price, there is a small short float for Atlas Pipeline Partners.  While a short float of 5% is considered to be troubling for a company, the short float for Atlas Pipeline Partners, based in Pittsburgh and operating in the gathering and procession segments of the midstream natural gas industry, is only 1.24%.

This has certainly been a stock for momentum investors.

It is trading well above its 20-day, 50-day, and 200-day moving averages.  For growth investors, sales are up almost 40% on a quarterly basis. Value investors should be pleased with the falling price-to-earnings ratio.  With a dividend yield about three times the average for a stock on the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, there is much for income investors to look about Atlas Pipeline Partners.

Now trading around $39 a share, the mean analyst target price for Atlas Pipeline Partners over the next year of market action is $42.57.

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