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Tim Lambert
When the Speaker of the House Writes, Investors Should Read
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There have been many previous articles on this site that have been bullish about oil and natural gas stocks.  The attractive companies in this sector range in size from “Big Oil” like Chevron (NYSE: CVX) and Occidental Petroleum (NYSE: OXY) to promising small caps, such as Mondial Ventures (OTN: MNVND).

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) took to the pages of The Wall Street Journal in an op-ed with the title, “Counter Putin by Liberating U.S. Natural Gas.”  He called for The Obama Administration to approve the Keystone Pipeline, approve more export licenses, and allow for drilling for oil and natural gas on Federal lands in the United States.  Each of these would lessen Putin’s power by allowing for the United States to export more oil and natural gas.

All would be very bullish for Occidental, Mondial Ventures, Chevron, and other American oil and natural gas entities.

If US oil and natural gas firms can export, important new markets would open.  That would increase the customer base for Mondial Ventures, Chevron, and others.  It would make the holdings of Occidental Petroleum and every energy firm even more valuable.

Needless to say, the shareholders would prosper.

It would also raise the prestige of the United States in a dangerous world at a challenging time.  As Boehner writes in The Wall Street Journal, “The ability to turn the tables and put the Russian leader in check lies right beneath our feet, in the form of vast supplies of natural energy.”

More oil and more natural gas with more customers in foreign countries for American energy firms means less influence for Russia’s Putin.

As Boehner concludes in his Wall Street Journal piece, “America not only has a right to develop and market its natural resources.  In the face of rising danger, it has an obligation to do so.”

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