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Ida Hansen
Denver Lost but Who Won the “Souper” Bowl?
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Even if you are a Denver Broncos fan, you should always be looking for investment opportunities.  After all, investing legend Peter Lynch advised to invest in what you know.  That meant buying the stock of companies that you saw were doing well at the local mall.  The big winner from the Super Bowl being held in the New York area for those for stocks to buy could easily have been Soupman, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOUP).

Soupman is the publicly traded company that was made famous by the iconic “Seinfeld” episode on “The Soup Nazi.”

Those who like soup, should love the products of Soupman.  It has been rated by the best soup by Zagat.  The New York Times praised it as being, “soup, not art.”  The soup is very nutritious.  Its legendary lobster bisque was served at the Super Bowl by the thousands.  Soupman was an integral part of the Super Bowl festivities.

Investors should love all the free publicity the company receives as it is showing up on the balance sheet and the income statement.

According to Yahoo Finance, quarterly revenue growth is nearly 40 percent.  It also posts a gross profit.  Unlike many small caps, Soupman actually has a product that brings in revenue and results in a gross profit.  Over the last 52 weeks, Soupman is up nearly twenty percent.

Soupman has bullish expansion plans.  It is already in Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT), Safeway (NYSE: SWY), and other industry giants.  It is also moving ahead with Soup Mobiles to capture the profit from the mobile food craze. That should shift revenues and profits into high gear for Soupman as the demand for items of a high quality from mobile vendors is increasing rapidly among “foodies.”

That is tastes so good makes it even more appealing.



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