United States Natural Gas Up for Week
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Ida Hansen
United States Natural Gas Up for Week
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Cold weather in America has United States Natural Gas (NYSE: UNG) up for the last week of market action.

This is a bullish indicator for United States Natural Gas in what has been a bearish market for fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gas.

The exchanged traded fund for oil, United States Oil, (NYSE: USO), and coal, Market Vectors Coal (NYSE: KOL), are also down.  That is obviously true for the securities in the sector as exchange traded funds such as Market Vectors Coal and United States Oil consist of securities from that sector.  United States Natural gas is down for the last month, quarter, six months, and year of market action.  That is also the story for United States Oil and Market Vectors Coal.

For 2014, United States Natural Gas has fallen by 9.42 percent (chart below).

But with cold weather setting in across the United States, the future is United States Natural Gas should be much hotter.  When cold weather hits, there is more electricity consumed to heat homes and offices.  That requires more natural gas to power utility plants.  More and more power plants are using natural gas in the United States.  The greater the demand the for natural gas, the higher the price rises.

No mystery there: basic supply and demand in action!

The future for natural gas is promising.  It is the fuel projected to increase the most in consumption in the decades ahead by many studies.  Natural gas has many advantages over other fuel sources.  It is much cleaner than coal or oil.   Natural gas can also meet the demands of the mass market in ways that alternative forms of energy cannot.  This makes its future brighter, which results in a bullish outlook for United States Natural Gas with cold weather coming across America,





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