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Ida Hansen
Some Good News from Europe
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Like Japan, good news that is enduring and meaningful about the economy of European countries is few and far between.  While Germany is certainly doing well due to its export sector and the protection of the weak Euro, most of the other nations are sputtering.  That is why the recent report that the European Zone will not regulate fracking is bullish for companies like Siemens AG (NYSE: SI), Noble Corp (NYSE: NE), and Foster Wheeler Ag (NASDAQ: FWLT).

While all of Europe will gain from more fracking, Siemens AG, Noble Corp, and Foster Wheeler AG should do well as each is in heavy industry.

Fracking will result in cheaper natural gas.  That will make it more economical for companies to keep facilities on Europe.  Many European firms have moved operations to the United States due to cheaper natural gas.  As fracking begins to produce more natural gas, the economy of Europe will improve.

That will result in both more customers and more economic activity close to home.

This a very bullish development for Siemens AG, Noble Corp, and Foster Wheeler Ag.  Each operates globally.  But it is still beneficial to have the home market robust, too.

Fracking will now become a matter for each nation in the European Zone.  Germany has pledged to move away from nuclear power.  It should embrace fracking.  Coal power is too dirty.  Even China has pledged to reduce its dependence on coal.  It is difficult to imagine European companies not doing the same with cheaper natural gas becoming more abundant.

Some countries in Europe are moving forward in the field of natural gas.  Poland is already moving forward with greater production of natural gas, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.  France has banned it, which will be a huge competitive disadvantage for the country and its companies.



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