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Ida Hansen
Should You Like Facebook Getting into Health?
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Facebook (NYSE: FB) is joining other high tech companies such as Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) in moving into health care.

For Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and others, it does not seem as if health care would be in the primary business model of the company.  But health care is the largest sector of the United States economy.  It is only natural that it would draw companies that are managed so well like Facebook and others.

Facebook has done very well without a strong health care presence.

For 2014, Facebook is up by more than 40 percent.  Over the last year of market action, Facebook has risen over 50 percent.  The stock price is up for the last month, quarter, and six months of market action (chart below).

Still in its early stages, Facebook is looking at online support communities for health care.

Facebook has also been rumored to be bringing out a smartphone.  It could easily adapt to health care functions and apps for its smartphone.  Apple and Amazon have with the iPhone 6 and Fire, respectively.   Health care would certainly be a way for Facebook to further engage with consumers, following in the Amazon model of offering more goods and services from a basic model.

Due to its price rise, Facebook has rich valuations.

The price-to-earnings ratio is over 80.  The price-to-asset and price-to-sales ratio are high, too.  For value investors, there is not too much enticing about those numbers.  The market is not overlooking any value in Facebook!

But growth investors should like what Facebook has to offer.

Earnings-per-share growth over the five years is expected to average nearly 37 percent.  For any growth investor, that is appealing.  New health care offerings could certainly add to that for Facebook.  Those would also add a smartphone and other goods and services that Facebook might bring into the marketplace.



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