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Jonathan Yates
Record Revenues for Labor SMART and More New US Jobs

With the American economy adding 169,000 new jobs in August and demand worker firm Labor SMART(OTCBB: LTNC) booking record revenues for the same month, there was a fitting end to Labor Day week for investors!

Labor SMART is having a record year.

The evolving American economy has placed a premium on the staffing industry.  Firms in addition to Labor SMART in the sector such as Paychex (NASDAQ: PAYX), Robert Half International (NYSE: RHI), and TrueBlue Inc (NYSE:TBI) are doing very well.   Revenue increased for Labor SMART by 175% from August of 2012.

As noted in a previous article on this site, the demand labor sector should continue to do well.  At $29 billion and grow, the industry is profiting from the changes in the American workplace.  Companies, both large and small, are seeking to hire more part-time workers.  As an example of this increasing need, Labor SMART added over 100 clients in August alone.

The US economy added more jobs in August than it did in July.  While that was less than expected, there were two more positive employment reports coming out of Washington this week.  As a result, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (NYSE: DIA) and the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (NYSE: SPY) were both up for the week.

The new jobs added in August show that the US economy is slowly recovering from The Great Recession.   But that is certainly not the case with the staffing solutions and outsource sector.  It has been one of the big winners in recent economic developments, particularly for its shareholders.  As the need for demand labor increases, so will the stock price for companies in the sector such as Labor SMART, Robert Half International, Paychex, TrueBlue and others.



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