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Jonathan Yates
Quadrant 4 Systems Up More Than 400%!!!

It is great when good things happen from reading an article in Barron’s!!!

The stock pick of Quadrant 4 Systems (NASDAQ: QFOR) after reading an article in  Barron’s and then writing about it in a previous post on this site more than qualifies.  The piece on this site, “Will IT Service Companies Topple Network Firms” was posted on July 9.  At that time, Quadrant 4 Systems was at $0.07 a share.  Now it is as $0.30 a share.  That is more than a 400% increase in less than two months.

Yes, Quadrant 4 Systems sells at a low price level.

But the Barron’s article make the case for the bullish future for companies like Quadrant 4 Systems.  There is a revolution going on in the information technology sector. Firms like Quadrant 4 are in a great position to profit from the changes.  The article from Barron’s by Tiernan Ray, “As Software Takes Over, Network Gear Could be in Jeopardy” was invaluable in writing about the bullish future of Quadrant 4 Systems and others.

The chart below shows how Quadrant 4 Systems has soared in recent market action.  From such a low price point, large gains are possible.  Unlike many other stocks at that price level, Quadrant 4 Systems is a real company with real products.  It has provided health care services and solutions to over 600,000 employees.  Obamacare is leading to a greater demand for those services.  Future gains could be coming!


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