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Tim Lambert
Except by its Shareholders, Spirit Airlines is Hated!
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In an amazing day, an article came out listing Spirit Airlines (NASDAQ: SAVE) as one of the worst; with its stock soaring by more than 6 percent!

About Spirit Airlines, the article noted that the company had negative ratings due to, “…hiking baggage fees for the holiday travel season, on top of their already impressive set of fees, like fees for gate-checked bags you intended to carry on on top of their already impressive fees for carry-on bags”

That is certainly not an outlook shared by owners of the stock as Spirit Airlines is up nearly 60 percent for the last year of market action.  It has risen for the last week, quarter, and year of trading.  The share price has jumped more than 12 percent just the last week! (chart below).

Spirit Airlines aims to make as much from fees as possible.

It makes no pretenses about being a deep discount airline.  What ever can be charged for, pretty much as by Spirit Airlines.  That is why earnings-per-share are soaring; and are predicted too continue to do so for the future.

When surveys come out reporting how Spirit Airlines charges for everything, that is reassuring to the investment community.  Wall Street sees the business has not changed.  The business model has proven to be very successful with sales rising by 16 percent over the past five years.

The analyst community expects that to continue, too.

So do investors; as the stock price rise is demonstrating.  Increasing the appeal is a strong balance sheet and solid income statement.  Spirit Airlines has no debt.  It is also undervalued on a price-to-earnings growth ratio, too.  Spirit Airlines is very appealing as both a growth stock and as a value stock.

Long term investors should expect the share price of Spirit Airlines to rise along with the earnings from fee income!




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