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Tim Lambert
3 Reasons to be Bullish about Westpac Banking Corporation
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Westpac Banking Corporation (NYSE: WBK) is the largest financial services company in Australia.

It has many features that makes it more appealing than American money center banks such as Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) and Citigroup(NYSE: C).  Due to these attributes, Westpac Banking Corporation is up for the last week, month, quarter, six months, and year of market action (chart).  There are many reasons that investors should to buy into Westpac Banking Corporation.

Westpac Banking Corporation is a very profitable bank.  It is much more profitable than Bank of America and Citigroup.  With a profit margin of 41.70 percent, it is more profitable than JP Morgan (NYSE: JPM), considered to be among the finest of American banks.

In addition to its profit margin, Westpac Banking Corporation tops the others in its dividend yield.  The dividend yield for Westpac Banking Corporation is 5.11 percent.  The dividend yield for JP Morgan is 2.70 percent.  Bank of American and Citigroup do not really have dividend yields to even be considered.

Based in Australia, Westpac Banking Corporation is ideally situated to profit from growth in Asia.  This is especially true for China.  Australia’s major trading partner is China.  Growth in China benefits Australia in a major way.

That is all very bullish for Westpac Banking Corporation.

It fared better in The Great Recession than American banks such as Bank of America, Citigroup, and JP Morgan.   Earnings per share growth for the next five years is projected to be much stronger than those for the last five years.  If growth returns to China in a big way, so will the stock price rise be for Westpac Banking Corporation.  As a major show of confidence, the short float is basically non-existent.  For a stock that has surged the way that Westpac Banking Corporation has, that is a very bullish indicator that few on Wall Street are willing to bet against it continuing to rise!


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