Time to Load Up on Total Energy SA?
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Ida Hansen
Time to Load Up on Total Energy SA?
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Total Energy SA (NYSE: TOT) is a major oil and natural gas firm that is down for the last week, year, month, quarter, six months, and year of market action.  For 2015, Total Energy SA is already down by 5 percent (chart below).  The loss of its highly regarded chief executive officer has not helped Total Energy SA, either.

That is making Total Energy SA a very appealing stock for long term investors.

For income investors, the stock price decline has made Total Energy SA alluring.  The more a share price falls, the higher the dividend yield.  The dividend yield for Total Energy SA is now over 6 percent.

Total Energy SA is appealing to value investors, too.

The price-to-sales ratio for Total SA Energy SA is 0.51.  That means that every dollar of sales is valued at a nearly 50 percent discount in the stock price.  This is a huge discount that should entice value investors.

For growth investors, earnings are expected to rise for the future.

Over the last five years, earnings-per-share were just one percent.  This year, earnings-per-share growth is down by 17.90 percent.  For the next five years, earnings-per-share growth is expected to rise to 4.20 percent.  Important for future earnings growth is that Total Energy SA has operations around the world.

Like so many others in the energy sector, Total Energy SA has been pummeled due to the fall in the price of oil.

For long term investors, it is very appealing.  United States Oil (NYSE: USO), a major exchange traded fund for oil, is down more than 40 percent for the last year.  The high dividend yield should please any income investors.  The Total Energy SA holdings are trading at a substantial discount.  For growth investors, the analyst community sees higher earnings in the future.  Those factors should provide a solid total return to all investors for the future.



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