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Ida Hansen
ACNB Corp. is Small Bank with Big Dividend!
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While money center banks such as Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) and CItigroup (NYSE: C) get most of the attention, there is much to be ACNB Corp (NASDAQ: ACNB) and other regional lenders.

ACNB Corp. is headquartered in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

While it is much smaller than Citigroup or Bank of America, it is more profitable.  The profit margin for ACNB 26.30 percent.  The profit margin for Citigroup is 14.30 percent.  For Bank of America, the profit margin is 13.10 percent.

The higher profit margin for ACNB Bank leads to a higher dividend payment for its shareholders.

Like the profit margin, the dividend yield is much bigger for ACNB Bank than for Citigroup or Bank of America.  The dividend yield for ACNB Bank is just over 4 percent.  For Bank of America, the dividend yield is 0.26 percent (if that can be called a dividend yield!)  Citigroup has a dividend yield of 0.08 percent.  Tough to do, but the dividend yield for Citigroup makes that for Bank of America look robust!

What is also bullish is the heavy inside buying at ACNB Bank.

According to investor legend Peter Lynch, there are many reasons for insiders to sell a stock.  These could include paying tuition, buying a home, or part of a pre-planned financial diversification program.  But, according to Lynch, there is only one reason for an insider to buy: the expectation that the stock price will increase.

There have been more than ten insider buys since June at ACNB Corp!

For the year, ACNB Corp is up nearly 6 percent (chart below).  As a small cap, it is a low beta stock.  For long term investors, that is a good sign as it indicates that the stockholders do not buy and sell much; as they are satisfied with the returns.  The high dividend yield certainly pays not to sell!



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