Q4 Surges on Record Revenues
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Ida Hansen
Q4 Surges on Record Revenues

Other articles on this site have provided information on how to profit from the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare.

A company mentioned, Q4 Systems (NASDAQ: QFOR), has soared in recent market action.  A major factor for that is that Q4 Systems has been posting record revenues.  The small cap software firm has done it for two consecutive quarters.  Based on the way the stock is soaring (chart below), it looks like investors expect it to continue.

In the words of one financial research company, “Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation is an IT software company that develops and implements mission-critical cloud-based enterprise systems for both Fortune 500 companies and smaller enterprises. Operating in several countries, Q4 services over 150 companies in North America. The Company is a leading provider of Health Exchange platforms (QHIX) and a proprietary set of SMAC (social media, mobility, analytics and cloud computing) technology solutions to enterprise clients in the Financial Services, Health Care, Retail and Manufacturing sectors.”

Q4 Systems operates in a number of countries with more than 150 clients.

Its clients range from smaller enterprises to blue chip corporations.  The solutions from Q4 Systems have been proven in a wide variety of industries.  For investors that is comforting as the company will not be exposed to a downturn in the future.

As that is what investors buy for, the future, the shares of Q4 Systems look even more compelling.

The stock has soared for 2013.  Its recent quarters have been record breaking in terms of revenues booked.  Based on the performance of the stock, more expect that to continue as it is up in double digits in early morning action:

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